Master of Business Administration

Why Winthrop?

Are you thinking about getting an MBA?

You can get an MBA anywhere.  Only here can you get the Winthrop Experience

What is the Winthrop Experience?  

  • a quality program with top-tier accreditation
  • small class sizes that foster networking and teamwork
  • faculty members who work with you and care about your success
  • field-based learning opportunities - work on real projects for local companies
  • flexible class schedules that accommodate both full-time students and working professionals
  • events where you can meet business professionals and get advice to help advance your career 
  • opportunities for travel to China and Europe to learn first-hand how international business is conducted
  • MBA concentrations available in Accounting, Finance, International Business, Human Resources, Marketing, and Strategic Leadership
  • a diverse student body representing various ages, races, nationalities, and educational & professional backgrounds
  • an optional Financial Markets Seminar in New York, NY where you visit NYSE, the Federal Reserve, and other key Wall Street influences

Don't just come here for an MBA.  Come for the Winthrop Experience.  And leave with knowledge, skills, global perspectives, a professional network, unique opportunities, and great memories that will stay with you long after completing your degree.

What do students and alumni say?

"The M.B.A. gave me an advantage in job seeking — opening up more possibilities; and I was able to find a job faster than those who only had a B.S. degree." 

"I enjoy the small intimate setting along with the quality of education. Also I appreciate the connection faculty make with real-world working environments."

"The instructors are knowledgeable; they are willing to work with me. I am not just a number."

"I have learned a huge amount of information in a short period of time."

"The program is flexible with evening and weekend course offerings."