Study Abroad

Winthrop University and the Department of Psychology strongly encourage its students to participate in long term (one semester or one year) study abroad during their undergraduate careers. Study abroad is excellent preparation for work and citizenship in a diverse society and an increasingly globalized world.

With proper planning, a semester or year abroad can be seamlessly integrated into a four-year degree plan allowing students to experience the world and graduate on time.

For most semester and academic year programs, students pay regular Winthrop tuition, room, and board and are able to use their scholarships, grants and loans toward the cost of study abroad. Students can also apply for additional financial aid.

Winthrop University students can participate in more than 20 semester or academic year programs abroad and transfer credit back. The Department of Psychology has identified several programs that are well suited for students majoring in Psychology. The Department of Psychology recommends that students majoring in Psychology study abroad during the Fall semester of their third year.

More information about program options, financial aid, credit transfer, and application deadlines can be found on the International Center's website: or browse program options through the Winthrop Study Abroad Programs portal.

Recommended plans of study and other information are linked below:

Planning to Study Abroad for Psychology Majors (pdf - 552 KB)