Human Nutrition

Dietetic Internship

Early Acceptance/Pre-select Option

Applications are due the second Monday of November.

An early acceptance ("pre-select") option is available for Winthrop University's Dietetic Internship for applicants holding a DPD verification statement from Winthrop University's Department of Human Nutrition. Up to eight applicants may be recommended by the department's faculty for early acceptance to the Winthrop Internship. The remaining positions in the Winthrop University (WU) dietetic internship will be filled through computer matching in the spring. Once accepted to the Early Acceptance/Preselect option, applicants must apply to the WU Graduate Studies Certificate Dietetic Internship program.

This option is intended to identify those interns who have demonstrated professional attributes through work experience in dietetics and have the confidence to immediately begin working with patients/managers in a healthcare setting. Not being selected for early acceptance in no way reflects an applicant's eligibility for the internship positions which will be filled through the regular spring matching process.

In deciding whether to admit an applicant for early acceptance, internship faculty strongly consider an applicant's previous dietetics-related work experience as well as his or her professional attributes. The intern considered for early acceptance should be able to demonstrate that he or she is a self-directed learner, an effective communicator, and has the ability to work as a team player in the area of dietetics.

Experience interacting with patients and/or residents in a healthcare setting is strongly recommended.

The application packet for early admission should be in a manila envelope and include the following materials (see early acceptance checklist on this website):

  • Concise justification outlining the 40 hours of dietetics-related non-academic work or volunteer experience (beyond the NUTR 490A requirement of 100 hours), and how the work experience(s) has/have contributed to his or her skills and abilities as a self-directed learner, effective communicator, and team-player. Include contact information for the supervisor(s) of the 40 hours of experience. The additional 40 hours should be completed prior to applying for pre-admission.
  • If eligible, complete the Early Acceptance Application (available from Internship Director).
  • DPD Verification Statement (or Intent to Complete) with DPD director's signature
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Paper copies of three references (the full-time Department faculty do not provide references for applicants to the Winthrop internship). 
  • GRE scores indicating minimum scores of 295 for the verbal and quantitative sections combined, and a minimum 3.0 on the verbal exam section.
  • A minimum overall GPA of greater than or equal to 3.2 and a DPD overall GPA of 3.4 or greater.
  • Graduate students taking DPD course work must also have completed at least 15 credit hours of graduate work with a minimum 3.5 GPA in such work.

Applicants must meet with the Internship Director to discuss qualifications for applying for early acceptance and to receive application materials. All materials are to be submitted to the DI Director by noon on the second Monday of November in the fall during the academic year prior to the fall when the internship starts and no later than the designated deadline.

Eligibility Requirements and Selection