Study Abroad

In the age of globalization, multicultural knowledge and life experiences not only broaden our horizons, but also enhance our ability to succeed in highly competitive and increasingly international job markets. Winthrop University's motto is, "Live. Learn. Lead." We strongly encourage students to study abroad to make friends, embrace world citizenship, enrich knowledge, and distinguish themselves in their professions and communities. We recommend that students consider Study Abroad during the sophomore or junior year.

The History major is especially suitable for Study Abroad — not only because most international programs offer relevant course work and travel experiences, but because the major is flexible in its curricular structure. With a little planning, a History major should find no problem in studying abroad and still graduating within four years. Speak with your faculty advisor and make a plan!

Current History Travel Courses

HIST 550/PEAC 550: International Service Learning in Nicaragua is an opportunity to learn about the history of Nicaragua and participate in development projects to help rural communities in Nicaragua become more sustainable. We will travel to Nicaragua from March 9-March 19. The cost of the trip is $1800! For more information, check out the flyer or contact Dr. Ginger Williams, Professor of History at williamsv@winthrop.edu.

Suggested Plans of Study

The following programs are representative of many Study Abroad options; each offers a wide diversity of courses in History and relevant fields. Students can also click on each program to find the Four-Year Degree Plan for BA which includes a Study Abroad semester at the program. Other Study Abroad programs are also available and appropriate for History majors. History faculty advisors are ready to help students find the most appropriate Study Abroad programs.

Please note: Winthrop University offers more Study Abroad opportunities and programs. If none of the programs above appeal to you or if you would like to consider other opportunities and destinations, we can recommend additional options. For more information, please contact faculty advisors in the History Department or the International Center.    

Additional Resources

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