The Program

Winthrop's Master of Arts in History allows students to analyze and explore in depth the events, cultures, and societies of the past that have shaped the world in which we live today, both on individual and global levels. Currently directed by Dr. Edward Lee, this program offers students the opportunity to work closely with an attentive, lively faculty, as well as leaves them with valuable experience and critical thinking and problem solving skills which are necessary in a wide variety of career paths as well as other scholarly disciplines. 

Some areas of specialty among our faculty that students will benefit from include 20th Century United States, Civil War and Reconstruction, Latin America, and China. Courses are offered in various other areas of study as well. Graduate internships are also available, including in archives and at historical sites, which can be arranged for students wishing to develop expertise in Public History.



Our M.A. program began in the early Twentieth Century. Over the years, it has evolved along two tracks: students who wish to pursue the thesis complete thirty hours of academic course work, including a two course thesis sequence. Students can also earn a M.A. without a thesis. They do so by successfully completing thirty hours of graduate courses. For more information on our thesis-track program, please click here. Requirements for our non-thesis track can be found here. Full application requirements can be found here.


M.A. Handbook

History M.A. Handbook (PDF - 440 KB )


M.A. Thesis Prospectus

Thesis track students should consult the M.A. Thesis Prospectus Guidelines (PDF - 87 KB) and the Thesis Track Guidelines (PDF - 87 KB). 


 News and Events

  • M.A. Director Dr. Edward Lee was recently honored at the South Carolina Historical Preservation Awards in Columbia for his efforts in preserving the York County Courthouse.