Winthrop University: Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Geology

Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Geology

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Chemistry and Biochemistry at Winthrop

Chemistry is the central science. With a degree in chemistry from Winthrop, you can pursue a career in science, medicine, education, and so much more.

Why Winthrop

Why Winthrop Chemistry?

Winthrop Chemistry offers ACS and ASBMB certified degrees in chemistry and biochemistry. Find out why Winthrop Chemistry is right for you.

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What Can I Do With a Chemistry Degree?

Chemistry majors go on to pursue careers in government, industry, pharmacy, and medicine. Learn about all the things you can do with a degree in chemistry.


Chemistry and Biochemistry Research

Interested in research? The department has an active undergraduate research program that involves faculty specializing in chemistry and biochemistry.


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Last Updated: 12/7/21