Student Success

Winthrop Chemistry has a strong tradition of exceptional student outcomes. Over the past five years, 33 students that graduated with a Winthrop chemistry degree have gone on to earn doctorate degrees from institutions accross the country.

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Alumni Ph.D. Degrees Awarded

Winthtrop Chemistry majors are very competitive when applying to graduate programs. In the last ten years, 33 Winthrop Chemistry grads have gone on to earn their Ph.D. in a variety of scientific fields.

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Recent Alumni Ph.D. Awarded


Alumni Health Degrees Awarded

Many students come to Winthrop to prepare for admission into medical, dental, and pharmacy schools. Over the past decade, 20 Winthrop Chemistry grads have received M.D., D.D.M., D.D.S., and Pharm.D. degrees.

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Recent Alumni Health Degrees Awarded


Student Accomplishments

Student success isn't limited to what chemistry majors do after graduation. Winthrop Chemistry students regularly present research findings at national and regional scientific conferences and co-author research papers in internationally recognized scientific journals. Our majors are frequently invited to participate in off-campus summer research fellowships at prestigious institutions across the nation. Check out the links below to see that great things our students have accomplished!