Geography Minor

Student presenting a GIS poster

Geography is a broad, flexible, synergistic discipline that can integrate other areas of study. Geographers approach world problems from a spatial perspective - or sometimes simply stated as the "why of where."

The Geography minor at Winthrop focuses on providing students with a solid foundation in human geography and its sub-disciplines. The program offers a variety of courses in regional geography, economic geography, geographic information systems, remote sensing, and environmental sustainability. 

Geography courses fulfill requirements for Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, and Middle Level Education-Social Studies, and Social Studies Education majors, certificates, and programs. Courses meet General Education requirements in Social Sciences and Technology. No matter what your major, these courses offer global perspectives that are valuable for a wide range of disciplines and can provide you with technology skills that are in high demand. 

Want more information? Contact our Program Coordinator Dr. Scott Werts.

Minor Requirements

For the minor in Geography, students complete 15 credit hours of Geography courses that includes:

  • GEOG 101 (3) Human Geography

  • at least 6 credit hours in Geography courses numbered above 299

Fall 2023 Courses

GEOG 101 Human Geography

Human Geography introduces the tools geographers use to understand humans and their place in the world. This course is the foundation for the minor and provides all students with the tools and knowledge to put contemporary issues into broader contexts.

GEOG 305 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Course discusses solving problems with spatial analysis by using geographic information systems, a powerful technology that combine layers of data in a computerized environment, creating and analyzing maps in which patterns and processes are superimposed. Notes: Lab Fee: $50. Offered periodically. See Geography Program website for course rotation. Prerequisites: GEOG 101, sophomore status, or permission of the instructor.