My Winthrop Experience

Name: Jennifer Shoemaker

Dual Enrollment courses taken: BIOL 220/222- Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology & Lab, BIOL 221/223- Principles in Ecology, CHEM 105- General Chemistry, CHEM 301- Organic Chemistry, BIOL 308- Human Physiology, BIOL 317 – Genetics, CSCI 207- Introduction to Computer Science, BIOL 308- Human Physiology, CHEM 302/304- Organic Chemistry Lecture and Lab

High School: Pennsylvania Homeschooler Association

College: still waiting to hear back from several universities

"Dual-enrolling has been a great experience for me. I've been able to take courses I otherwise wouldn't have had access to. All the professors I have reached out to and interacted with have been wonderful and very helpful, and the student body is very kind and welcoming."