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Huffmon, Scott


Dr. Scott H. Huffmon

Executive Director, Center for Public Opinion & Policy Research

 Dr. Scott Huffmon has more than a quarter century of experience in the field of survey research and is the founder and Director of the Center for Public Opinion & Policy Research at Winthrop University as well as Professor of political science. In this capacity, he oversees questionnaire construction, determining sampling frames, establishing appropriate survey methodology, establishing protocols for data collection, and conducting data analysis. In reference to this last duty, Huffmon's secondary field for his Ph.D was quantitative methodology. Additional quantitative training came as a Summer Program Scholar at the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan where his studies focused on maximum likelihood analysis and scaling and dimensional analysis. Several of his quantitatively-oriented publications utilize survey data collected by the Center.


 McMillan, Leah

 Leah McMillan

 Assistant Director, Center for Public Opinion & Policy Research

 Leah McMillan is a Winthrop Alumna with a BA in History and a Master of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Political and Civic Engagement. She oversees CPOPR operations, manages the call center, programs CATI and CASI surveys, manages internal and external projects, and hires, trains, and oversees telephone interviewers.