University Event Contract Agreements

Cancellation Policy

If this event is cancelled 30 or more days prior to the event date, the University will refund 50% of the facility deposit. If this event is cancelled 29 days or less prior to the event date, no monies are returned.

Payment Policy

The required deposit for the event must be paid to the Office of University Events upon signing the contract.

  • The Lessee agrees to pay the Office of University Events the balance due in full within 10 days of the event.

  • The Office of University Events will apply a 15% administrative fee to the total invoice, excluding the facility rental fee.

  • The Lessee understands that a 9% S.C. tax will be added to food and beverage.

  • Payment can be made by certified check or money order made payable to Winthrop University, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or cash. There will be a 2% surcharge for all credit and debit cards. Personal checks are not accepted.

Insurance Policy

The Lessee shall be required to provide a certificate of insurance not fewer than 10 days in advance of the term of this Agreement, issued by companies authorized to do business in the state of South Carolina, naming the University as an additional insured under the policy in the following amounts:

  • Public Liability: $1,000,000.00 combined single limit for bodily injury and property including death, the term of such coverage to coincide with the dates of this Agreement, including move in and move out.

Catering Services Policy

The University food service contractor, Sodexo, has exclusive catering rights for all food, beverage, and alcohol service functions held on campus. Catering by outside contractors or individuals is not permitted. All leftover food and beverages are the property of Sodexo, and for health reasons, may not be removed from the premises following the event. Catering arrangements should be made as soon as possible to ensure adequate staffing and menu choices for your event. The Lessee should turn in tentative catering arrangements (i.e., menu selections, date, time, and estimated guest count) at least four (4) weeks in advance. Events planned within four (4) weeks must have Catering Department approval. A final guaranteed headcount must be received before 5:00 p.m., ten (10) calendar days prior to each event. Once confirmed, this number is not subject to reduction. Additional fees may be assessed for any number of guests over the final guaranteed headcount. The Lessee will be invoiced for the number of guests guaranteed or the number served, whichever is greater. In the event of a cancellation, the Lessee is liable for any food production and labor costs incurred up to that time.

Clean-Up and Decorating Policy

  • Custodial service is only available until 4:00 p.m., Monday — Friday before events. The Lessee is responsible for any additional clean-up required after this time, such as sweeping and emptying the trash, if decorating and other setup by the Lessee is not completed before this time. Decorations, flowers, and other personal belongings must be removed from the facility at end of each event.

  • The Lessee may not nail, staple, or tack anything to the walls. Using tape, glue, or any other adhesive on painted surfaces is not allowed. Open flame candles are not allowed in the facility unless placed on a stable table base and covered with a hurricane. Votive candles may be used in votive candle holders. Glitter, balloons, or confetti may not be used inside the facility. Birdseed, bubbles, or flowers petals are recommended for tossing outside the facility. Rice may not be tossed anywhere on campus. Sparklers may not be used inside or outside of the building.

  • Winthrop staff will not be responsible for the delivery, setup, breakdown, or return of any items the Lessee may rent. All rented items, decorations, flowers, and other personal belongings must be removed from the facility at end of each event.

  • If the Lessee should contract the services of a DJ or band, any requests for tables, staging, or microphones must be made at least one (1) week prior to the event. If they should have any special electrical requirements, they must be submitted in writing to the Office of University Events at least one (1) week prior to the event.

Default Policy

Should the Lessee default in the performance of any of the terms and conditions of this contract, the University, at its option, may terminate the same and demand damages or demand specific events hereof, and any deposit paid by the Lessee shall be retained by the University and considered as partial payment for liquidated damages. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, all obligations and liabilities of Winthrop University under this Agreement are dependent upon the successful completion of the above scheduled event. If the Lessee fails to complete the above scheduled event for any reason within the Lessee's control or responsibility, the Lessee agrees, at a minimum, to pay the University for all expenses incurred in the preparation of said event. The Lessee shall be liable for all expenses incurred in the event of a cancellation or postponement of said event.

Force Majeure

The Lessee hereby expressly waives any and all claims for any and all losses or damages sustained by reason of any defect, deficiency, failure, or impairment of the water supply system, drainage system, or electrical system leading to or on the premises. In the event the Winthrop University contracted facility or any part thereof is damaged by fire or flood, or if for any reason, including labor difficulties, civil tumult, strike, epidemic, acts, or regulations of public authorities, or any cause beyond the control of the University, the University determines in its judgment that fulfillment of this Agreement by the University is impossible, the Lessee hereby releases, discharges, and will save harmless the University and its officers, employees, and agents from any and all demands, claims, actions, and causes of actions arising out of any of the causes aforesaid. The weather, rendering performance impossible or impractical for the Lessee, shall not be deemed justification for nonperformance by the Lessee, who shall nevertheless remain liable for all obligations and payments due the University as part of this Agreement.

Seating and Occupancy Limits Policy

Persons are not permitted inside the contracted facility in excess of the seating or occupancy limits established for the space in which the Lessee's event is scheduled. Under no circumstances is the Lessee permitted to print tickets or allow occupancy in excess of the seating or occupancy limits established for the space in which the event is scheduled by the Lessee. The seating arrangement cannot be changed by the Lessee once it is submitted.

Future Space Requests

All accounts must be paid in full for clients to hold future events on Winthrop's campus. If the account becomes outstanding, any dates held for future events will be released.