Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity


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This microcredential is composed of two 3-credit courses intended to introduce students to the basic technical aspects of cybersecurity and the legal aspects of cyber and corporate crime.

You will learn cybersecurity terminology, how interconnected systems are vulnerable, threat actors, and the CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity, availability). Other topics covered will include an analysis of cybercrime and its continuing growth as a form of crime; how information related to crime is stored and analyzed, and how to preserve that data for successful investigation and prosecution; tracking; digital footprints; mail and wire fraud; perjury; obstruction of justice; security fraud, insider trading, and accounting fraud; the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; corporate criminal liability; and the application of the 5th and 6th amendments within corporate crime.

Required Courses and Dates

Course Credits Dates
CSCI 220X - Cyber Principles for Non-Majors 3 Summer Session D: July 8 - August 7, 2024
CRJU 322 - Cyber and Corporate Crimes 3 Summer Session C: June 3 - July 3, 2024


Intended For

  • Students majoring in Business - particularly Accounting and Finance
  • Students majoring in Sociology, Criminology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
  • Local Business and Law Enforcement employees
  • Everyone!

What You'll Learn

  • Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • Threat Awareness
  • Personal and Corporate Protection Planning

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