Continuing and Professional Education

New Course Proposal (Instructor Information)

New CPE program offerings may be initiated by faculty and staff of Winthrop University in consultation with Director of Extended Studies (DES) at any time1.  Following preliminary discussions with the DES, a formal application titled Continuing and Professional Education New Course Request (pdf - 296 KB) must be completed by the initiator.  

The New Course Request form must provide all the pertinent details of the CPE course, including subject, course description, the rationale for the course creation, market sustainability, and a proposed fee schedule among other data.

The DES will review formal requests only after the approval of the department chair and college dean has been secured.

1Non-Winthrop personnel who wish to offer a CPE course at Winthrop University should contact the Director of Extended Studies about their proposal.

Considerations for Program Qualifications

In addition to criteria described above, the program must meet SACSCOC 3.4.2 and "be consistent with the institution's mission"; the program should expand the relationship of Winthrop University with both students and the surrounding community while providing a valuable learning opportunity.

Inquiries about the form and other matters related to new CPE course proposal may be directed to the DES.

Download the CPE New Course Request. (pdf - 296 KB)