Standard Practices

Certificates of Insurance

We receive numerous requests a year for Certificates of Insurance. A normal certificate is not a binding legal document. It is merely a statement that someone has insurance. It will often times require that notice be given to the certificate holder if the policy is cancelled. Other than that, it is only an indication that a policy is in effect.

A Certificate of Insurance can be issued, as appropriate, by Risk Management attesting to coverage by the South Carolina Insurance Reserve Fund.

Risk Management also can obtain certificates of insurance, when needed, from our commercial insurance carriers to attest to coverage provided by commercially purchased policies.


Any contracts containing an insurance requirement, hold harmless/indemnification or waiver of the right of subrogation, should be reviewed by Risk Management before the contract is executed.

  1. Certificate of Insurance Requested of the University

    To request a Certificate of Insurance or proof of "self-insurance" coverage, send a written request along with the completed Certificate of Insurance Request Form to Risk Management and include a copy of the original documents (contract, letter) requesting the information.

    See the Certificate of Insurance Request Form (pdf - 64 kb).

    Problems arise when employees execute documents with other entities without having the authority to do so, or without having the contract reviewed by Risk Management.

    Certificates will not be issued for amounts above our standard limits, therefore it is most prudent to have contracts reviewed by Risk Management before they are executed.

    Additional Insured — No Can Do!

    Winthrop University is a self-insured entity. Therefore, we only are able to provide coverage for General and Professional Liability for our own actions. We cannot extend our coverage to include others outside of our "system." According to the State of South Carolina Insurance Reserve Fund, adding an additional insured would make us an unauthorized insurer in violation of the State of South Carolina laws.

    Therefore, if contracts contain a requirement to name another entity as an additional insured, that language must be stricken from the contract.

  2. Certificate of Insurance Required by the University

    The university requires certificates of insurance from many parties. These commonly include vendors and contractors, lessees, groups wishing to rent or use university space or property for special events, and the like.

    The bulk of certificates of insurance are collected by the Purchasing and Risk Management Department.

    Certificates should always be addressed to Winthrop University, Purchasing Services and Risk Management Office, 307 Tillman Hall, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29733.

    In the event of a claim or incident where university property is damaged, persons are injured, or the vendor or contractor failed to fulfill their obligation, notify the Risk Management Office at once. (See Reporting Incidents)