FYE Peer Mentor Program

Program Overview


The purpose of Winthrop's Peer Mentor Program is to aid new students in their transition to the academic, extracurricular, and social aspects of the university by connecting them with upper-division students who serve as a role model, mentor, and resource. Peer mentor relationships are critical to both cognitive and affective learning. We also know that early intervention positively affects retention and contributes to the success of our first-year students.

The Role of the Peer Mentor

  • Partner with ACAD faculty to deliver the student perspective
  • Share insight and strategies for navigating the academic landscape
  • Manage a community service project housed in ACAD 101
  • Meet with faculty partner weekly to customize lesson plans
  • Complete a one-on-one with each student in his/her ACAD class
  • Foster relationships with students both in and outside of the classroom
  • Assist students in their academic, social, and personal transition

Learning Outcomes

As a result of having a peer mentor in the ACAD classroom, first-year students will:

  • Develop a mentor/mentee relationship with an upperclassmen
  • Be introduced to campus resources and engagement opportunities
  • Build an early connection with the Winthrop community
  • Have a valuable ACAD 101 experience
  • Make a successful transition to and through their first year at Winthrop

As a result of serving as a Winthrop Peer Mentor, the student leader will:

  • Develop transferable skills useful in reaching personal and professional goals
  • Demonstrate strong academic success skills
  • Serve as a model for first-year students
  • Enhance communication and facilitation skills
  • Develop strong leadership skills
  • Establish a strong partnership with their ACAD 101 faculty partner
  • Improve organization skills and ability to foster relationships