Training Documents for Banner

Beginning July 1, 2011, Winthrop will implement the Banner HR system. In doing so, several "paper" processes will be eliminated. Winthrop employees will no longer use:     

    • The Record of Hours Worked — formerly submitted by permanent non-exempt employees each month.
    • The Record of Compensatory Time — formerly submitted when a permanent non-exempt employee accrued/used compensatory time.
    • The Record of Leave Taken — formerly submitted by ALL permanent, leave eligible employees when annual, sick, or another type of leave was taken.
    • Yellow Time Cards — submitted by temporary, non-exempt employees at the end of each pay period.
    • Time sheets for students.
    • The monthly green bar printout with leave balances will be replaced by online access to up-to-date leave information.
    • The paper direct deposit pay stub that employees receive from Payroll each pay day.  Direct deposit advice notices will be both e-mailed to the employee's Winthrop e-mail account, AND will be available in the Employee Detail information on Wingspan.

All employees will continue to be paid on the same days as they were before July 1, 2011. All permanent and temporary employees will be paid on the 1st and 16th of each month; and students will be paid on the 10th and 25th of each month.

Training aids can be found below and any questions about reporting hours worked or leave, or about approving time should be forwarded to HRBannerHelp.  

Check Stub Cross-Reference Lists

Check Stub - Deduction Descriptions Cross Reference (PDF 14kb)
Check Stub - Earnings Description Cross Reference (PDF 14kb)

Class Handouts

Class Handout - Banner Basics (PDF 1668kb)
Class Handout - Web Time Entry (PDF 1516kb)
Class Handout - Web Leave Reporting (PDF 1828kb)
Class Handout - Supervisor Approval (PDF 1360kb)
Class Handout - Department Time Entry (PDF 1946kb)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

          Quick Help - Proxy Setup/Approval Details (PDF 103kb)
          Quick Help - How to see a list of your employees (PDF 130kb)
          Quick Help - How to approve leave for your employees (PDF 151kb)

Training Videos

Basics for all employees:
Access Wingspan (WMV 3mb, 1:25)
Employee Portal (WMV 3mb, 2:17)
Personal Information (WMV 7mb, 4:44)
Employee Detail (WMV 21mb, 14:21)

Specific training based on employee type:
Time Sheet Entry - Students (WMV 18mb, 11:09)
Time Sheet Entry - Temporary Employees (WMV 19mb, 12:42)
Time Sheet Entry - Non-exempt Staff (WMV 26mb, 14:33)
Leave Reporting - Exempt Employees (WMV 28mb, 16:45)
Supervisor Approval of Time/Leave (WMV 17mb, 11:02)
Supervisor - Proxy setup (WMV 10mb, 6:31)