Record of Hours Worked 

(As of 7/1/11 - all hours for non-exempt employees will be logged directly in Banner)

Wingspan reports the number of hours worked by an individual employee in bi-monthly pay periods.  It is also used to report compensatory (comp) time and overtime.  Finally, the timesheet is documentation that an employee is paid correctly under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and is required under FLSA for all non-exempt positions.

An employee's position is either non-exempt from FLSA or exempt. Non-exempt positions fall under the overtime rules while exempt positions are not eligible for overtime or comp time.  The decision as to which classification is used is determined by the Human Resources (HR) Office and is based on an evaluation of the position duties.  For example, if the majority of the job is clerical or secretarial in nature and/or the employee performs primarily general office work, the job is non-exempt.  The level of supervisory control and evaluation of non-routine questions are also factors in determining the classification.

As stated above, all non-exempt employees are required to enter their hours worked in Wingspan.  Each employee records, on a daily basis, the time he/she reports to work and the time he/she leaves. If an employee is on any type of leave during the period, it is recorded as "coded" time. The total hours worked in a period less coded time is classified as straight time. When this straight time exceeds 40 hours in a week, the employee may be eligible for overtime or comp time. The time sheet is submitted by the employee and is approved by his/her supervisor attesting to the accuracy of the time.