Notice and Agreement

Please be aware that the Ombudsperson does not record formal complaints on behalf of Winthrop University, and the Ombudsperson is not designated by Winthrop University as an individual authorized to receive reports of any violations of university policy. Therefore, communications made to the Ombudsperson regarding possible violations of university policies or of unlawful practices do not constitute notice to Winthrop University. This allows the Ombudsperson to preserve the confidential and impartial nature of the office. If you would like to make a formal complaint and put the University on notice, you will be referred to the appropriate office and policy.

The Ombuds Office asserts a privilege with respect to confidential communications, and this privilege is held by the Ombuds Office and cannot be waived by others. The Winthrop University Ombuds Office has no decision-making authority and maintains no official records or permanent records of confidential communications. Use of the Ombuds Office constitutes an agreement not to seek to compel an ombuds to reveal confidential communications in formal or legal proceedings. This agreement fosters confidentiality to the extent permissible by law and helps provide a safe and neutral place for discussing any concern.