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September 01, 2022


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ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Let's celebrate and support the hard work and scholarship of Winthrop faculty and staff.


FALL 2023

Sara English, assistant professor of social work
"Waiting at the door: Perceptions of younger persons of nursing homes - Before and After COVID."
Voices Unbound, African Sun Press

Philip Gibson, professor of finance and director of the financial planning program
Award: Outstanding Research, "The Value of Financial Education During Multiple Life Stages"
Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning

Amanda Hiner, professor of English
Article: "Teaching Anne Finch'sSatire in the British Literature Survey Classroom"
ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, Vol. 13, Issue 2

Dustin Hoffman, professor of English
Book: Such a Good Man
University of Wisconsin Press


Jason Silverman, professor emeritus
Achievement: Appointed editor-in-chief of The Lincoln Herald


Matthew Fike, professor of English 
Paper: "Marie Hay's 'The Evil Vineyard' and Jung's 'Memories, Dreams, Reflections'"
Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies Conference

Amanda Hiner, professor of English
Article: "Thirty Years, Thirty Ideas: Women Writers and the Practice of Satire in the Long Eighteenth Century"
Women Writers in Context. Women Writers Online.

Cara Peters and Jane Thomas, both professors of marketing
Award: 2023 Best Case Award, "Nicole Boyd is Prept for the Occasion, But Will She Get The Funding?"
Society for Case Research Journal of Case Studies

Kyle G. Sweeney, assistant professor of art history
Edited Volume: "Lateness and Modernity in Medieval Architecture"
Book Chapter: "Introduction"
AVISTA Studies in the History of Medieval Technology, Science, and Art 16. 


APRIL 2023

Amy Clausen, instructor of special education
Book: "The Educator's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder: Interventions and Treatments"
Chapters: "The Incredible Five Point Scale" and "Time Delay"
SAGE Publications


Matthew Fike, professor of English 
Article: "The Castaway Archetype in Two Tales of an Island Year"
Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies, Vol. 18, April 2023
Article: "Marie Hay's The Evil Vineyard and Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections"
ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews, Vol. 36, No. 1
Book Review: "Review of Intimate Alien: The Hidden Story of the UFO"
Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies, Vol. 17, 2022

FALL 2022

Jared Androzzi, professor of physical education; physical education program director
Article: "HIIT PE: A Theme-Based Framework for Multiple Learning Environments"
Journal of Physical Educaton, Recreation & Dance, Vol. 93, Issue 6

Adolphus Belk Jr., professor of political science
Chapter: "Reflection Eternal: Lessons Learnt (and Relearnt)" in Mĩcere Githae Mũgo's Making Life Sing in Pursuit of Utu
Bookcraft Africa

Amy Clausen, instructor of special education
1. Article: "Teaching Word Problem Solving to Students With Autism and Intellectual Disability"
TEACHING Exceptional Children
2. Article: "Preparing General Education Teachers to Include Students With Extensive Support Needs: An Analysis of SPED 101 Courses"
The Journal of Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children

Mark Dewalt, professor emeritus and adjunct education faculty
Article: "Amish Mortality Rates in the Twenty-First Century"
The Journal of Plain Anabaptist Communities, Fall 2022

Sara English, assistant professor of social work
1. Essay: "Joanie: A reflective elegy"
Reflections: Narratives of Helping Professions, Vol. 28, No. 3
2. Article: "I'm not dead yet!"
Southeast Case Research Journal, Vol. 19, No.1

M. Greg Oakes, associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences
Article: "Is There a Principle of Continued Material Being?"
Process Studies, Vol. 51(2)



Richard Chacon, professor of anthropology
Co-edited the volume: "Trade Before Civilization: Long Distance Exchange and the Rise of Social Complexity"
Cambridge University Press


Amy Clausen, instructor of special education
1. Article: "Professional Development Needs Reported by General Education Teachers at Inclusive Private Christian Schools"
Journal of Research on Christian Education
2. Article: "Inclusive Supports and Strategies to Increase Opportunities to Respond for All Learners"
TEACHING Exceptional Children

Matthew Fike, professor of English 
Article: "Jung's Letter to Major Donald E. Keyhoe"
Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies, Vol. 17, No. 1

Jason Tselentis, professor of design 
Article: "Lettering Style and Substance"
PanelxPanel 59, No.59



Adolphus Belk Jr., professor of political science
Book: “For the Culture: Hip-Hop and the Fight for Social Justice”*
Chapter: "Going Upstate: Challenging Mass Imprisonment in New York State"
University of Michigan Press
*The co-editor is Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey ‘04.

Amanda Hiner, professor of English and chair of the Department of English
Book: "British Women Satirists in the Long Eighteenth Century"
Cambridge University Press

Elizabeth Dulemba, associate professor of illustration
Article: "Pattern Recognition Drawing"
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Minnie Mize, assistant professor of education
Article: "Technology-assisted reading fluency interventions for students with reading difficulties: evidence from a meta-analytic approach of single case design studies"
Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology


Kiyoshi Sasaki, assistant professor of biology
Article: "Woody Plant Communities After 40 Years of Pollution Control and Restoration in Smelter-Denuded Landscapes"
Northeastern Natural, Vol. 29, No. 1


Jennifer Schafer, assistant professor of biology
Co-authored with fellow Winthrop faculty members Matt Stern, Daniel Stovall, and Laura Glasscock
Article: "A Faculty-Led, Community-Building Program That Enhances Student-Faculty Connections Within Biology"
Journey of Microbiology & Biology Education, Vol. 23, No. 2


Julian P.S. Smith III, professor of biology and director of the Winthrop Microscopy Facility
1. Article: "Bradynectes Ensifer"

2. Article: "Orostylis gen. nov., a new genus of Dalytyphloplanida with seven new species (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela)"

Anthony Strange, associate professor and program director for the Master of Education in Counseling and Development 
1. Chapter: "Communication Preferences of Collegiate Students"
Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
2. Chapter: "Collaborative Learning: Collegiate Pedagogy Utilizing Web Conferencing"
Balancing the Tension Between Digital Technologies and Learning Sciences

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