All SACSCOC-accredited institutions partake in a reaffirmation process every ten years. The process involves a collective analysis and judgment by the institution’s internal constituencies to demonstrate compliance with the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation (PDF - 959 KB) and the development of a Quality Enhancement Plan (PDF - 68 KB) (QEP). Reaffirmation involves an extensive evaluation of compliance through an off-site and an on-site peer review, followed by the Commission’s Board of Trustees review.

Reaffirmation requires the submission of two primary documents, including:

  • Compliance Certification Report – Provides narrative and supporting evidence to demonstrate compliance with each of the 73 SACSCOC standards.

  • Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) – Describes a program designed by the institution and designated as an institutional priority to enhance student learning and/or student success.

Winthrop University most recently completed the reaffirmation process in 2022. The institution submitted its Compliance Certification Report and QEP (PDF - 1818 KB).