Health Professions Connection


HPC offers students personalized advising based on their area of career interest. The list below contains the names, contact info, and professional area(s) of interest for members of the HPC Advisory Board, organized by campus department. Students may reach out to advisors for more information.


Dr. Courtney Guenther

Professional Areas of Interest: Pre-med, Occuapational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Dental, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Veterinary. Graduate School (master's and doctoral programs)

Dr. Matthew Stern

Professional Areas of Interest: Medical (M.D. and D.O.), Dental, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Nursing (accelerated BSN), Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, CVP, Biomedical MS/PhD

Exercise Science

Dr. Janet Wojcik

Professional Areas of Interest: Exercise Physiology (clinical or non-clinical), Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Health Promotion and Public Health

Human Nutrition

Dr. Wanda Koszewski

Professional Areas of Interest: Medical (M.D. and D.O.), Physician Assistant, Nursing

Dr. Hope Lima

Professional Areas of Interest: Lactation


Dr. Sarah Reiland

Professional Areas of Interest: Graduate School for Psychology or Mental Health Counseling programs