Honors Program

Requirements for the Honors Program Degree

General Honors Program Degree Requirements

  • General Education Component:  Honors sections of "The Human Experience: Who Am I? (HMXP102H) and "Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing" (CRTW201H) for a total of 6 credit hours must be completed.
  • Cultural Component:  One Honors symposium must be completed (1 credit hour).
  • Course Work Component:  Completion of 12 credit hours of Honors coursework with a minimum of six hours in the major.
  • Independent Study Component: A senior project, such as an thesis or curated performance, must be completed in the major.  This requirement includes HONR 449H, a 1-hour preparatory course to be taken the semester before the final project is completed and HONR 451H, the Honors Thesis Symposium (1 credit hour), which will be taken while the student is completing their final project.  Students will also receive 3 credit hours for completing their final project under the supervision of their project director.
  • Service Learning Component:  A service learning class/project and reflection essay must be completed (0-3 credit hours).
    • The reflection essay should be 4-5 pages, double-spaced, and consist of material regarding the name and description of the project, and what that experience meant to the student and the community.  Journal entries may be used should the student wish to do so.

Requirements for the Honors Program Degree with International Experience

  • In addition to the regular Honors Program Degree requirements,  students must complete an extended experience in a learning environment outside the U.S.

Progress toward the Honors Program Degree

In order to earn an Honors Program degree, students must earn a grade of B or better for any honors course taken.  To stay in good standing in the Honors Program, a student must maintain a 3.30 grade point average and meet the following requirements:

  • Freshmen should have accumulated 7 Honors credit hours by the end of the freshman year
  • Sophomores should have accumulated 13 Honors credit hours by the end of the sophomore year
  • Juniors should have accumulated 19/20 Honors credit hours by the end of the junior year
  • Seniors must have accumulated 24 Honors credit hours by the end of the senior year

Honors credit hours will be assessed at the end of each spring semester.  Any student who does not have the required grade point average or Honors credit hours for the respective academic year will be put on probation.  Failure to earn the required hours or grade point average for the second consecutive year will result in dismissal from the program.