Honors Program Application Process

Honors Program Application (pdf - 71 KB)

Freshman Applicants

Freshman admission into the Honors Program is based upon the applicant's high school GPA, test scores and essay. All admitted freshmen with a High School GPA of 4.25 or above will be invited to apply for Honors Program admission. When invited, the applicant should complete the Honors Program Application included with the letter of invitation and write a one-page essay on the topic below and send them to the following e-mail addresses: 



When Winthrop University hosted the Southern Regional Honors Council Conference, the theme "Curiosity: The Spirit of Honors Inquiry," came from the writings of Foucault. Foucault suggests that... "it (curiosity) evokes 'concern;' it evokes the care one takes for what exists and could exist; a readiness to find strange and singular what surrounds us... a fervor to grasp what is happening and what passes..."(Foucault, 1980). In a one-page essay please reflect on the significance of curiosity and its relevance to your participation in the Honors Program at Winthrop.

Invitations to apply to the Honors Program are extended beginning two weeks after the admission letter is mailed. Letters of acceptance to the Honors Program are mailed one week after the application and essay are received by the Honors Program Director.


Transfer and Upperclass Applicants

All transfer students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30 are invited to apply to the Honors Program.

Upperclass applicants who are interested in participating in the Honors Program should contact Dr. Michael Lipscomb.

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