Check Request Vouchers

A.  Procedure - Purpose

The purpose of a Check Request Voucher (XLS - 50.5K) is to pay for services or merchandise that is not provided by or ordered through the Purchasing Department. It is most frequently used for the following:

  • Subscriptions
  • Reimbursement Expenses to non-Winthrop members such as prospective faculty candidates
  • Membership Dues
  • Registration Fees
  • Prepaid Lodging

B.  Guidelines for Completion of Form

    The authorized Payment forms are to include:

  • Full Name and Address of the Payee
  • Campus ID Number of the Payee
  • Department Account Number(s)
  • Total Amount to be Paid
  • Complete Justification of the Payment
  • Name & Signature of the Person Requesting the Authorized Payment
  • Signature of the Department Head, Dean, or other authorized individual

C.  Backup/Documentation Guidelines


  • Original Invoices
  • Renewal Notices
  • Receipts
  • or Letter of Explanation Awards

D.  Routing and Verification of Forms

After the authorized payment is typed:

  • The Department Head, Dean, or other authorized individual signs it
  • It is sent to the Accounts Payable Department

Within the Accounts Payable Department, the forms are checked for:

  • Valid Budget Account Numbers
  • Correct Signatures
  • Proper Documentation