Counseling, Leadership, and Educational Studies

Project-Based Learning Endorsement

The SC Department of Education is now providing Project-Based Learning teacher licensure endorsement. Winthrop is one of the first institutions of higher education in the nation to provide this endorsement to teacher educators. Contact Dr. Dennis Dotterer for more information.

Endorsement Requirements:

  • EDUC521 — Intro. to Project-Based Learning (3): Designed to introduce students to the theory behind PBL and the basics of designing, delivering and assessing PBL that supports student attainment of core academic content and such 21st century skills as personal agency, critical and analytical thinking, collaboration, communication and technological proficiency. 
  • EDUC522 — Applications of PBL in Curriculum and Instruction (3): This course combines classroom and field-based experiences to provide teachers group support as they plan, create, facilitate, integrate, and implement appropriate instructional methodologies and technology within a PBL unit of study in their own classrooms.
  • EDUC523 — Practicum in Project-Based Learning (3): Field-based practicum designed to provide teacher/practitioners with experience and opportunities to develop and implement PBL unit(s) independently, thus demonstrating their knowledge, skills, and dispositions for successfully implementing PBL into the regular classroom setting.

PBL Flyer