Salaries of Economics Graduates

Because of their strong employment opportunities, economics majors tend to earn high salaries.  While computer scientists lead the pack, economists do better than business and other social science majors. According to the September 2012 Salary Survey sponsored by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Average Annual Salary offers for graduating seniors in popular majors were as follows:


Major Average Offer
Computer Science $62,200
Economics $58,200
Marketing/Marketing Mgmt $53,400
Finance $52,800
Business Administration/Management $52,500
Accounting $50,400
Mathematics $49,500
Chemistry $44,500
Communications $42,300
Political Science $40,400
Secondary Education $40,300
History $39,100
English $38,900
Elementary Education $37,600
Visual and Performing Arts $36,700
Psychology $35,200
Sociology $33,400




More importantly, economics majors do even better over time. Among graduates with 10-20 years of experience, students with undergraduate degrees in economics are second only to computer engineers in salary.


Salary by Major Chart