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Degree Information

The management option provides instruction in the many personal and interpersonal skills required to become an effective manager. The program is designed to prepare students to become effective leaders, problem solvers, and decision makers in the increasingly diverse world of business, industry, and government. The management option is designed to provide the student with a focus on leading and managing people.

Required courses to complete this option
(18 semester hours in addition to required general education curriculum):

MGMT 325 - Organizational Theory and Behavior
MGMT 422 - Human Resources Management
MGMT 475 - Leadership Theory and Development
MGMT/PHIL 575 - Business Ethics
Two of:
BADM 561 - Electronic Commerce
ENTR 373 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MGMT 491 - Internship in Management
MGMT 529 - International Management

Last Updated: 7/13/22