Emily Hayes

Name: Emily Hayes

Admissions Counselor

Hometown: Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

Education: Winthrop University '20 BA Psychology & BA Technical Theatre

Email: hayese@winthrop.edu

What makes Winthrop special to you? 
I am a Winthrop Alum who toured almost every college in South Carolina when I was in high school. There truly is nothing quite like the support of Winthrop's community. They help guide you through every stage of your college experience. Whether you are nervous about your first night away from home or are preparing for your first big job interview, Winthrop's got you covered. 
What do you love about Winthrop? 
Winthrop uniquely has the energy and opportunities of a big school and the comfort and security of a small school.
Favorite Restaurant in Rock Hill: 
Amelie's! Or if macarons aren't your style, you can never go wrong with Wingbonz!
What is your favorite event to attend in Rock Hill? 
ChristmasVille really holds a special place in my heart. There's nothing quite like watching the parade go by on Oakland with your friends and some hot chocolate. 
Why should a student pick Winthrop? 
Winthrop provides the opportunity to expand your horizons from day one. Cultural events, clubs/activities, interesting courses, and a diverse community gives each student a variety of new ways to learn and grow.
What advice do you have for students during their search process? 
Visit campus! Going to college is a huge investment, so be sure to not only research the school, but come see it as well to get a feel for the overall environment. 
Favorite Musician: Taylor Swift
Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese
Hobbies: Painting, choir, theatre...all the artsy things!