Amanda James

Name: Amanda James

Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Education: Doctor of Business Administration - University of Phoenix; Master of Business Administration - University of Dallas; Master of Accountancy - National University; Bachelor of Communications - Loyola  Marymount University



What makes Winthrop special to you?
The community is the most special part of Winthrop University. The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a safe, encouraging and exciting environment for students to grow and learn throughout their time at Winthrop. The students care about each other, engage heavily with the local community and constantly push one another to fight for what is right. Unwavering support from the alumni enhances the true spirit of the Winthrop community.

What do you love about Winthrop? 
The sense of belonging everyone feels when they step onto Winthrop’s campus. No matter your background, interests, goals and ideas, you will find a place where you fit at Winthrop. From the first day of class, students are encouraged to try new things, meet new people and get involved on and off campus. Winthrop offers so many options for students to find the space where they belong.

What is your favorite local restaurant in Rock Hill? 
With so many delicious spots around Rock Hill, it is hard to pick a favorite. Just up the street from campus is Legal Remedy and they have the most delicious Cuban sandwich – you must try it!


What is your favorite event to attend in Rock Hill or local area?   Christmasville in Downtown Rock Hill is the best!

What advice do you have for students during their search process?
Pick a university that you feel will help you discover your passions, push you to succeed, and support you through the challenging times. Talk to the current students, alumni and faculty about why they chose the university too! 

Favorite Food?   Pizza
Favorite Movie?   National Treasure 1 & 2
Favorite Hobby?  I love traveling, reading, listening to podcasts on topics I am unfamiliar with so I can learn something new.