Dual Enrollment & Dual Enrollment Credit Courses

Winthrop University offers motivated high school students an academically challenging experience designed to bring out their best. Whether you’re getting a jump-start on your college degree, or completing general education requirements, gain access to hundreds of courses, year-round, for your success in any season. Winthrop’s Dual Enrollment courses are available both on campus and online at a variety of meeting times to help you meet your personal and academic goals. 


Dual Enrollment Courses:

  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • We offer more than 100 courses within our 43 undergraduate majors
  • Demonstrate your ability to college recruiters
  • Take a challenging or unique that isn't offered at your high school.
  • Get a jumpstart on your college degree, while you save time and money.


What Dual Enrollment courses do you offer?

  1. Visit the course offerings landing page
  2. Select the term (fall, spring, summer) you are interested in.
  3. Choose a subject and search for available classes 
    • Click the red CRN (course registration number) to see instructional style, location, credit hours and number of seats available for that class.
    • When considering courses, click the View Catalog Entry and Syllabus Available links for a course description, required prerequisities/course work, and lab fees.
    • If a course has prerequisite(s), you must complete the required courses prior to registering for this course. 
  4. Meet with your high school counselor (if applicable) to talk about course possibilities/ appropriate courses. 
  5. Once you have been accepted into the Dual Enrollment program and know the courses in which you would like to enroll, complete the interest survey.
    • Within  2-3 business days you will receive an e-mail from the office of Pre-College Programs with registration instructions for approved courses.
  6. Please note the Office of Records calendar information on class start/end dates, add/drop deadlines, and university holidays as they may differ from your high school calendar. 


Dual Credit Courses

Winthrop University is proud to partner with the following high schools and districts to offer the opportunity for students to earn dual credit- college and high school course credit. Click on your school to learn more: 

    Students work with their High School Counselor to determine how many courses will fit in their schedule. 

    • Students typically take 2 classes (6 credit hours) a semester. 
    • Dual enrollment students can take a maximum of 10 credit hours per semester.
    • Students could earn 30 credit hours by high school graduation - equivalent to one academic year in college!

    In-State SC High School Students

    • $495 for 4 credit hours 
    • $990 for 5-8 credit hours
    • $1,495 for 9-10 credit hours
    • Purchasing textbooks, parking pass, and lab fees are the student's responsibility.

    Out of State High School Students

    • $545 for 4 credit hours 
    • $1,090 for 5-8 credit hours 
    • $1,635 for 9-10 credit hours
    • Purchasing textbooks, parking pass, and lab fees are the students responsibility. 

    Dual Enrollment courses are available in-person on Winthrop's campus or online. Classes are taught by Winthrop University professors, and you will be in class alongside Winthrop undergraduates.

    Dual Enrollment courses count toward a college grade point average (GPA) and hours attempted/earned on a permanent college transcript.

    At the end of the course, credit is earned by satisfaction completion of a "C" or higher, and it will transfer to public South Carolina institutions provided that the course is listed on the SC University Transferrable Courses.

    If the student is planning to attend a private institution in South Carolina or any public or private institutions outside of South Carolina, students should contact that school to see how the course credit will be accepted toward their degree requirements.