The chair of the search committee (or designee) sends letters to candidates who were interviewed but not offered the position (Exhibit K). At this time, letters are also sent to candidates who were still under consideration.

The dossier of the candidate who is hired for the position should remain in the office of the dean for academic positions and forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for non-academic positions. The original Winthrop application form must be forwarded to HR. A copy of the application form should be placed in the successful candidate's folder.

After the new employee is hired, the chair of the search committee or appropriate dean advises the employee to contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss the completion of personnel paperwork. Before an employee can be paid or be placed on the system for benefits, the employee must complete a prospective employee certification form as required by state law and a form I-9 as required by federal immigration law. Both forms must be completed and returned to the Office of Human Resources within three days of the new employee's start date to comply with the law and avoid delay in processing payroll checks.

After the recruitment and hiring process is completed the following information should be retained in the job vacancy folder:

  • completed Request for Faculty/Unclassified Position form;
  • vacancy announcement;
  • copies of advertisements indicating the publication in which the ad was placed;
  • completed applicant referral grids;
  • completed Approval for Interview and Hire forms for each candidate interviewed and for the candidate recommended for hire;
  • completed applicant data record forms.

All job vacancy/search information must be kept on file for two years from the date of hire (start date) of the successful candidate. The job vacancy/search files may be retained in the respective dean's/vice president's office or the files may be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for storage. The dean/vice president or HR will be responsible for locating the files should the need arise. Procedures for destroying state personnel records are established in the SC State Division of Archives and Records Management. See the publication "General Records Retention Schedule for State Colleges and Universities" for specific procedures for destroying job search files.