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Byrnes Auditorium - 1939

1703 Memorial Circle

  • Byrnes Exterior

    Byrnes Exterior

  • Orchestra rehearsing in Byrnes

    Orchestra rehearsing in Byrnes

  • David Bancroft Johnson Memorial Organ

    David Bancroft Johnson Memorial Organ

  • Choir performance in Byrnes

    Choir performance in Byrnes

Byrnes is named for James F. Byrnes, former S.C. governor and U.S. Secretary of State. While a U.S. senator, Byrnes arranged for Works Project Administration funds to be used with matching state funds to construct three campus buildings – the auditorium, Thurmond Building, and Macfeat Nursery School, now the Macfeat House, a reception area created from the former Academic Computing Center. Byrnes exemplifies the monumental architectural style prevalent in Depression-era public buildings.

Interesting Features:

  • David Bancroft Johnson Memorial Organ, an Æolian-Skinner valued today at $1,800,000 and containing more than 5,000 pipes in 78 ranks. It is considered one of the largest and finest instruments in the South. The organ underwent a two-year restoration beginning in 2007, and a 2009 organ festival welcomed the instrument home.