Whereas, Winthrop University President Edward Serna’s Tenure & Promotion Recommendations, included fourteen tenure recommendations; and

Whereas, Winthrop University recognizes the loyal devotion of these faculty members who have dedicated themselves to teaching Winthrop University students; and

Whereas, Winthrop University expresses gratitude for the tireless efforts of these outstanding educators who have demonstrated a professional commitment to Winthrop University and higher learning;

Therefore, let it be resolved that the Winthrop University Board of Trustees does hereby recognize the following as having attainted Tenure status at Winthrop University with all the rights and privileges bestowed thereunto: Dr. Victoria Frost, Biology; Dr. Anna Igou, World Languages and Cultures; Dr. Valerie Jepson, World Languages and Cultures; Dr. Joseph Kasko, Mass Communication; Dr. Jennifer Schafer, Biology; Dr. Ephraim Sommers, English; Dr. Danko, Tarabar, Economics; Dr. Paul Wiegand, Computer Science; Dr. Jennifer Bossi, Exercise Science; Dr. Tammy Burnham, Education Core, Dr. Sarah Marie Catalana Berry, Education Core; Dr. Sherry Hoyle, Counseling Leadership & Educational Studies; Dr. Lauren Coffey, Sport Management; Dr. Minnie Mize, Education Core.


Approved this 23rd day of June, 2023