Winthrop University: Board of Trustees - Resolution Regarding Becoming A Laptop Campus For 2022-2023 Academic Year (10/29/21)
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Board of Trustees
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Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA
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WHEREAS, having access to technology in the classroom is an experience most of our students bring from K-12 and can facilitate new types of learning experiences in higher education not currently possible; and 

WHEREAS, a laptop requirement for all students would give students more flexibility on when, where, and how they complete their work; and 

WHEREAS, knowing students have laptops that meet minimum system requirements specified by academic colleges and Winthrop’s Computing & Information Technology department will permit faculty to design their curriculum and pedagogical techniques around certain baseline assumptions regarding student technology capabilities in the classroom; and 

WHEREAS, over time, computer laboratory spaces may be recoverable as academic spaces, and increases in enrollment will not automatically necessitate increases in laboratory space.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Winthrop University institute a laptop requirement for all students attending Winthrop University beginning in the 2022-23 Academic Year.

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that Winthrop administration be charged with developing a robust laptop program that includes adequate Wi-Fi and technological support while minimizing the financial impact to the University.  

APPROVED, this 29th day of October 2021 

Last Updated: 3/8/23