WHEREAS, in accordance with Board Bylaws, the Executive Committee reviewed the annual performance objectives for the President of Winthrop University for 2021-22 as mandated by the State Agency Head Salary Commission; and

WHEREAS, Interim President Hynd and the Trustees of Winthrop University have identified the key strategic priorities of academic year 2021-22 to be:

Development of a mission statement that clearly and concisely supports the vision of the university and serves to communicate purpose and direction to students, employees, alumni, community members, and other stakeholders.

Use the analysis of the Strategic Plan to reset the metric targets to appropriate levels and determine if new and better metrics are needed to measure success. 

Complete an Academic Master Plan for program refresh, development, and/or elimination as well as complete the SACSCOC reaffirmation report.

Complete the previously started comprehensive job classification and employee compensation study,  and identify and budget financial resources to begin to address compensation issues.

Creation of a Facilities Master Plan through a constituent-driven planning process.

All divisional budgets will achieve budget reduction targets.

WHEREAS, the performance objectives will be based on these key strategic priorities;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF WINTHROP UNIVERSITY that the formal evaluation of the performance of George W. Hynd as Interim President of Winthrop University shall be made in accordance with these objectives as submitted to the State Agency Head Salary Commission.

APPROVED, this the 23rd day of August, 2021