Resolution to Continue Adjusted Admissions Criteria for the 2021-22 Academic Year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic


WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to challenge colleges and universities across the nation to adapt and evolve their application processes and operations; and

WHEREAS, Winthrop’s Admissions staff understands the complexity of COVID-19 and its impact on students and families and acknowledges that this continues to be an unprecedented situation as well as difficult time for students and their families as they prepare to apply to college; and

WHEREAS, Winthrop Admission staff are excelling in providing alternative options and varied means to ease the application process for prospective students; and

WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic’s continued impact on SAT and ACT testing opportunities and the uncertainty of prospective students being able to complete all admissions requirements in the required timeframe;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED,due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Winthrop Board of Trustees directs the temporary suspension during the 2021-22 academic year of the university’s requirement that applicants must provide standardized test results to be considered for admission; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the remaining admissions criteria used to ensure a high-caliber, high-achieving student body at Winthrop University will remain in place, and the lack of test scores will not affect eligibility for financial aid, subject to any future State of South Carolina directives, and prospective students will be evaluated with the same amount of due diligence that has served over time to uphold the University’s academic standards.

APPROVED, this 25th day of September, 2020