WHEREAS, SC Code § 59-125-90 authorizes the Board of Trustees of Winthrop University to appoint a president of the university; and

WHEREAS, appointing a president is one of the most important responsibilities of the Board; and

WHEREAS, it is the Board of Trustees' intention to appoint the 12th President of Winthrop University who will be charged with building upon and enhancing Winthrop's record of accomplishment and innovation while leading the University to increasing levels of excellence and service; and  

WHEREAS, at this critical time when higher education is facing extraordinary obstacles, the Board will seek a president who is qualified to meet the challenges and opportunities at Winthrop University; and

WHEREAS, based on experience, Trustees understand gathering input from the Winthrop community is imperative to a successful search process; and

WHEREAS, the process to search for and choose the next President of Winthrop must be thoughtful, methodical, collaborative, and comprehensive;

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees desires to consider using the advice and assistance of a professional executive search company or consultant to help it fulfill its statutory responsibility and will solicit requests for proposals from professional executive search companies or consultants in accordance with existing South Carolina procurement policies;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Board of Trustees of Winthrop University hereby establishes a Presidential Search Committee under the leadership of chair Dr. Julie Fowler and a Presidential Search Advisory Group under the leadership of co-chairs Dr. Gloria Jones and Mr. Peter Moroni, and further adopts the associated timeline for the search and charges to the Presidential Search Committee and the Presidential Search Advisory Group.

Approved this 25th day of June 2021