Resolution Regarding 2018-19 Performance Objectives for President Daniel F. Mahony


WHEREAS, in accordance with Board Bylaws, the Executive Committee met in Executive Session on Monday, August 20 to discuss the annual performance objectives for the President of Winthrop University for 2018-19 as mandated by the State Agency Head Salary Commission; and

WHEREAS, President Mahony, the Executive Committee, and the Full Board, to build upon the successes of the strategic plan, have identified the key strategic priorities of academic year 2018-19 to be (a) Assess, adjust, and relay the organizational vision to key local and statewide persons and populations (b) Develop new tactics and goals within recruiting and student success related divisions (c) Lead the institution in the development of new degrees and programs to meet identified needs within South Carolina and the local region (d) Lead university-wide efforts to attract and retain high quality and diverse faculty, staff, and administrators (e) Advance an atmosphere of transparency, collaboration, and respect in regard to decisions and actions related to the management of the University's finances and assets (f) Ensure financial stability through a transparent and collaborative budget model with a focus on accountability, guiding efforts to grow enrollment, and implementing efficiency efforts across the university; and

WHEREAS, the performance objectives will be based on these key strategic priorities;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF WINTHROP UNIVERSITY that the formal evaluation of the performance of Daniel F. Mahony as President of Winthrop University shall be made in accordance with these objectives as submitted to the State Agency Head Salary Commission.

APPROVED, this the 20th day of August, 2018