WHEREAS, Winthrop University has long offered a master's degree program in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentrations in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Teaching and Learning; and

WHEREAS, the proposed new program in Teacher Leadership will modify the existing program in Curriculum and Instruction to reflect the needs of school districts to develop educational leaders in teaching roles; and

WHEREAS, the purpose of the Master of Education in Teacher Leadership is to meet the advanced educational needs of teachers who work in diverse educational settings; and

WHEREAS, the program's degree candidates will acquire the knowledge base and skills needed in the areas of curriculum development and assessment, pedagogy, and leadership so they can affect high-impact teaching and learning in their classrooms and positively influence change in their schools; and

WHEREAS, the proposed degree is consistent with Winthrop University's Mission Statement wherein the University seeks to provide "personalized and challenging undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education programs of national caliber within a context dedicated to public service to the State of South Carolina";

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Master of Education in Teacher Leadership, be established.

April 6, 2018