WHEREAS, Winthrop University is committed to the economic development of Rock Hill and the surrounding areas; and

WHEREAS, Knowledge Park is an economic development initiative designed to bring high-tech businesses and high-paying jobs to Rock Hill while maintaining the City's rich history; and

WHEREAS, the Knowledge Park concept was developed in 2012 as public and private leaders joined together to implement the redevelopment of the Rock Hill's urban core from Winthrop University, through what was the Textile Corridor, and into downtown; and

WHEREAS, the continued development of Knowledge Park will stimulate significant economic activity and will complement the college town atmosphere in proximity to the Winthrop campus, with an array of housing, retail, and restaurant options, thereby adding to the quality of life for our university and the broader community; and

WHEREAS, Knowledge Park is creating valuable new opportunities for Winthrop University to strengthen its education mission, to enrich learning and career opportunities for students, and to build supportive relationships with technology businesses throughout the region;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED the Board of Trustees of Winthrop University does hereby endorse the goals of economic vitality and enhancing community life and does pledge its continued collaboration and support for the Knowledge Park initiative.

June 19, 2015