WHEREAS, an honorary degree is among the highest honors Winthrop University can bestow; and

WHEREAS, Winthrop University is committed to the support and recognition of exceptional accomplishment in the areas of scholarship, creativity, service to the community, and service to the university; and

WHEREAS, by awarding honorary degrees, Winthrop University recognizes outstanding individuals whose accomplishments are at a level to provide inspiration to our students, and in honoring such individuals, the university is honored as well; and

WHEREAS, Winthrop University will award honorary degrees on a selective basis to distinguished individuals who merit special recognition for genuine achievement and distinction in a field or activity consistent with the mission of the University and whose selection will further the mission and purpose of the University;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of Winthrop University that the Honorary Degree Policy recommended by the Committee on Academic Quality and the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs is hereby acknowledged and approved.

October 3, 2014