WHEREAS, the respective Boards of Trustees at state institutions of higher learning are empowered to determine the student fees; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of Winthrop University exercised that authority at their meeting on June 8, 2001 by establishing a schedule of student fees for the 2001-2002 academic year; and

WHEREAS, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees was authorized by the Board of Trustees to amend the approved fee schedule as necessary after final legislative action was taken; and

WHEREAS, the members of the Executive Committee have examined the fee structure at Winthrop University as well as fees at other institutions of higher learning in South Carolina in light of final legislative action and the Governor's vetoes that resulted in restoration of funding for higher education;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, acting under the authority given to it by the Board of Trustees, that the Revised Fee Schedule for the Fall Semester of 2001 attached hereto and incorporated by reference is hereby adopted; and

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that the difference in the amount of fees charged as a result of this action be rebated directly to the individual students as soon as practicable.

July 27, 2001