WHEREAS, Lois Rhame West, class of 1943, has made it a life's work to give of her time and expertise to the benefit of others--citizens of her beloved home state, her cherished family and friends, her esteemed alma mater, and many more; and

WHEREAS, Lois Rhame West personified kindness, fortitude, diplomacy and empathy as First Lady of the State of South Carolina in the 1970's attaining national and international respect and recognition for her work on behalf of the people of the state; and

WHEREAS, Lois Rhame West applied her considerable leadership skills and compassion to many worthy causes over the years, most notably the national Muscular Dystrophy Association, which she served as the first woman president; and 

WHEREAS, Lois Rhame West has remained a strong advocate for Winthrop through the years and is steadfast in her selfless service to the university she holds so dear; and 

WHEREAS, Lois Rhame West was the obvious choice for, and has been highly effective as, co-chair of the institution's first capital campaign, A Lasting Achievement:  The Campaign for Winthrop;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED that upon completion of the renovation and expansion of the historic Peabody Gymnasium Building, a place remembered fondly from her years as a Winthrop major in Physical Education, the updated facility shall be named in honor of Lois Rhame West, pre-eminent Winthrop daughter, class of 1943.

April 12, 2000