WHEREAS, Richard W. Riley, a native of Greenville County, South Carolina, has devoted much of his public policy life to improving educational programs and educational attainment, first here in the Palmetto State, and then nationally; and

WHEREAS, Richard W. Riley served his home state with eloquence and distinction in its legislature and as Governor; and

WHEREAS, after winning national recognition of his highly successful effort to improve education in South Carolina, Richard W. Riley was chosen by President Clinton to be U.S. Secretary of Education in December 1992; and

WHEREAS, Secretary Riley is a gentleman, universally respected for his integrity, principled leadership, commitment to children and passion for education, leading one of the nation's foremost newspapers to identify him as "one of the great statesmen of education in this century"; and

WHEREAS, Winthrop University is widely recognized as South Carolina's flagship of teacher preparation and it is that important mission that led to Winthrop's founding in 1886; and

WHEREAS,  it is appropriate for Winthrop University to honor an outstanding native of the Palmetto State and to recognize his lasting contributions to the State and Nation in the field of education;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE IT RESOLVED that on Friday, May 5, 2000 and from that day forward, Winthrop University's College of Education will be named and known as "The Richard W. Riley College of Education."

April 12, 2000