WHEREAS, Winthrop University is fortunate indeed to count among its many supporters individuals, alumni, friends and corporations who have demonstrated their commitment to the institution and its vital educational mission in myriad ways; and

WHEREAS, on occasion there arises ample evidence of a supporter's long-standing and significant interest in the continued success of Winthrop University through extensive service on behalf of the institution an/or substantial financial support; and

WHEREAS, there are times in the life of the University when it would be circumspect to seek an appropriate means of honoring such individuals, alumni, friends and corporations; and

WHEREAS, Winthrop is fortunate to call a beautiful, historic campus its home, with traditional yet contemporary physical spaces -- buildings, halls, lobbies, classrooms and offices -- as well as pristine green spaces and other bucolic surrounds; and

WHEREAS, such diverse spaces and places would appropriately lend themselves to unique naming opportunities for those worthy individuals, alumni, friends and corporations;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED that all naming opportunities will be thoroughly researched, appropriately planned, and diligently coordinated by the Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of the Winthrop University Foundation, who will also maintain an accurate record of the deposition of all such named gift opportunities and the availability of additional named gift opportunities, and be it further; and

LET IT BE FUTHER RESOLVED that the President will provide a list to the Board of Trustees of all named gift opportunities on the campus at least once a calendar year.

February 18, 2000