Winthrop University: Board of Trustees - Resolution to Commend the Winthrop University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics on the Most Successful Season in its History (06/11/99)
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WHEREAS, during the 1998-99 year, all of the intercollegiate athletic teams at Winthrop University have worked hard and represented successfully the twin goals of academic achievement and athletic accomplishment; and

WHEREAS, in particular, several teams have led their sports in the state and region with distinction, including:

  • The men's basketball team, which won the Big South regular season championship and the Big South Conference Tournament, also secured a first time berth in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Tournament;

  • The men's baseball team, which won the Big South Conference Tournament and is the only Winthrop team to ever be invited to the NCAA Division I Tournament twice;

  • The women's tennis team, which won the Big South Conference Championship, their fourth title in five years;

  • The men's tennis team, the women's cross country team, and the women's golf team, all of which were runners-up at their respective Big South Conference Tournament;

  • The men's golf team, men's cross country team, men's soccer team, men's indoor track team and the women's indoor track team finished third in their respective Big South Conference Tournament; and

WHEREAS, these athletes, under the guidance of their coaches, the athletic department administration, and the faculty are also to be commended for having achieved an overall semester grade point average of 2.95 and an overall cumulative average of 2.91, which reflects a dedication in the classroom equal to that on the playing field; and

WHEREAS, the recognition, acclaim and national exposure that have accrued to Winthrop as a result of the athletic teams' extraordinary successes over the past year will benefit the entire University;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Winthrop University Board of Trustees commends the President of the University, the Athletic Director, the coaches and the student-athletes, and all those who contributed to this, the most successful year in the history of intercollegiate athletics at Winthrop University, for their dedication and their leadership.

June 11, 1999

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