Meeting of the Winthrop University Board of Trustees

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 | 5:45 p.m.
Virtual Meeting Originating in Thompson Conference Room | Tillman Building
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC


Members Present: Kathy Bigham, John Brazell, Ed Driggers, Julie Fowler, Tim Hopkins, Jane LaRoche, Randy Imler, Glenn McCall, Robby Sisco, Tim Sease, Isaiah Venning, Ashlye Wilkerson, and Gary Williams

Members Absent: Janet Smalley, Sandra Stroman

Others Present: Caroline Overcash, James Grigg, Kimberly Faust


The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 on the campus of Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC.


Call to Order

Chair Glenn McCall called the meeting to order at 5:55 p.m. He welcomed all present.


Consider Offer of Legal Settlement related to Byrnes Auditorium

Tim Sease, chair of the Committee on Finance, brought forth a recommendation from the committee to accept the insurance settlement offer of $3.9 M for Byrnes Auditorium and permission to use up to $1.7M from net reserves for the renovation and remediation of Byrnes Auditorium.

Not needing a second, Chair McCall called for the vote. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.


Pending Contracts and/or Memorandums of Understanding

Tim Sease, chair of the Committee on Finance, brought forth a recommendation from the committee to accept the following contracts and MOUs.

  1. ABC Mobile Application—Contract for service to expand ABC Mobile application used to communicate with arts educators across state of SC
  2. The Evaluation Group—Existing partnership; new grant.
  3. Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)—Procuring curriculum resources for partner schools
  4. Wiley Educational Services—License agreement for access to Wiley educational resources via Dacus Library
  5. Winthrop University School Partnership Network—New internship certificate program placing students in districts with teacher shortages.
  6. York Technical College—New guided pathways transfer agreement.
  7. Greenville Tech, Horry Georgetown, Northeastern—Transfer agreements, until/unless statewide transfer articulation plan is launched
  8. Encoura—Contract to provide access to national database of prospects (up to 57,000), predictive analytics, consultative services, and data software suite
  9. Niche—Contract for a digital, multi-channel recruitment suite based on Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics

Needing no second, Chair McCall called for the vote. It was unanimous in favor of the above listed contracts and MOUs.

Tim Hopkins, chair of the External Engagement and Athletics Committee, on behalf of the committee, brought forth a recommendation to accept the following contacts and MOUs.

  1. Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement-Institutional MOU defining the terms of CERRA’s services from and fees provided to Winthrop University.
  2. Olde English Consortium school districts—revised agreement with new billing system
  3. Student Internship Placement template—MOU/affiliation—General internship placement agreements with no budget, employment, or articulation provisions.
  4. Richland School District 1—New internship agreement for Counseling.
  5. Human Development and Family Studies—New internship agreement for HDFS department
  6. DSS-Title IV program—Internship and placement agreement to provide Social Work students career path & will provide internships (unpaid) and placement upon graduation.
  7. Winthrop University School Partnership Network—New Teacher Cadet course for dual enrollment partners.
  8. Legion Collegiate Academy—New dual enrollment agreement.
  9. Truist University Banking Program—Agreement to use Truist Bank financial literacy training resources for students and employees.
  10. ABC Institute Project—MOU to set parameters of relationship between WU and ABC Project

Needing no second, Chair McCall called for the vote. It was unanimous in favor of the presented contracts and MOUs.



Hearing no objections, Chair McCall adjourned the meeting at 6:00 p.m.