Meeting of the Winthrop University Board of Trustees

Friday, March 20, 2020
Teleconference originating in Thomson Conference Room, Tillman Hall
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC


Members present: Glenn McCall, Gary Williams, Kathy Bigham, Ashlye Wilkerson , Robby Sisco, Isaiah Venning, Jane LaRoche, Tim Hopkins, Randy Imler, Ed Driggers, Tim Sease, Janet Smalley, George Hynd (ex-officio)

Members absent: Julie Fowler, Sandra Stroman, Donna Glenn Holley

Representative present: Adolphus Belk, Jr., Imani Belton

Others present: Lisa Cowart, Adrienne McCormick, Shelia Burkhalter, Eduardo Prieto, Justin Oates, Kimberly Faust


The Board of Trustees met on Friday, March 20, 2020 via teleconference on the campus of Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC.


Call to Order

Chair McCall called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in the Thomson Conference Room, Tillman Hall. He welcomed all present. Chair McCall delivered an invocation.


Recap of University Actions related to COVID-19

President Hynd provided an update on activities and actions related to COVID-19.

We will transition to remote instruction starting on Monday, March 23.

Per Governor McMaster’s update yesterday, Winthrop University will extend our move to remote instruction for all courses for the remainder of this semester. While students have been on spring break, faculty have been preparing for delivery of remote instruction. Winthrop’s Office of Online Learning has prepared a Continuity of Instruction (COI) website to support this effort.

We are asking that faculty, staff and students stay away from campus until instructed otherwise. I and the senior administrators are leading by example by cancelling all face-to-face appointments and conducting business by phone whenever possible. For those who may be instructed to work from home, we will be designating a day and time for employees to pick up materials and other items needed to work from home.

Essential personnel (in-person presence on the campus) have been identified as facilities management, police, housing, environmental health & safety and other employees who have been contacted by supervisors. All other personnel will remain at home.

As of now, a decision has not been communicated from the Governor’s office regarding whether Winthrop will be authorized to apply leave with pay for leave-eligible employees for the time the Governor has ordered the university closed. Unless the federal or state government takes additional action, employees in non-leave earning positions (temporary and student employees) will be in unpaid status for this time unless they are in one of the “essential” areas and actually work. We are hoping to hear more information from the Governor’s office soon about this issue.

We have cancelled or postponed all internal and external events from now through May 30 including spring commencement ceremonies.

Robby Sisco moved with a second from Tim Hopkins to move into executive session pursuant to South Carolina Ann. §30-4-70(a)(1) for the purpose a discussion of proposed contractual arrangements. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion. Adolphus Belk, Jr., Imani Belton, Kimberly Faust, Adrienne, McCormick, Shelia Burkhalter, Eduardo Prieto, and Justin Oates were invited to remain for the executive session.

Ashlye Wilkerson moved with a second from Kathy Bigham to end the executive session with no report. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.



Hearing no objections, Chair McCall adjourned the meeting at 11:50 a.m.


Minutes submitted by Kimberly A. Faust, Secretary to the Board