June 7-8, 2007
Baruch Room, Joynes Hall
Winthrop University
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Trustees


Members present: Karl Folkens (Chair), Kathy Bigham, Janet Smalley, Glenda Owens, Sam Foster, Frances Davenport, Jane LaRoche, Susan Smith-Rex, Leland Cox, Donna Tinsley, Larry Durham, David Vipperman

Members absent: Anthony J. DiGiorgio (ex officio).

Representatives present: Dustin Evatt, Student Representative; Tim Daugherty, Faculty Representative

Others present: Faculty and staff of Winthrop University, Dalton Floyd, Karen Bair.


Call to Order

Chair Folkens called the meeting to order at 4 p.m. on June 7 via teleconference. Lee Cox made a motion for the Board to move into Executive Session, Frances Davenport seconded. The Board met in executive session for the purpose of reviewing the recommendations of the Executive Committee on the performance evaluation of President DiGiorgio. Janet Smalley moved the Board return to public session. The motion was seconded by Sue Smith-Rex. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote. At that time, the meeting was recessed with continuation planned for the afternoon of June 8.

As there were no requests made for public comments, the meeting continued via teleconference on June 8, 2007 at 1:03p.m.


Approval of Board Minutes of April 13, 2007

Jane LaRoche moved, seconded by Janet Smalley, that the Board approve the minutes. This motion was approved unanimously as presented by voice vote.


Report of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Board

Chair Folkens reported that the Executive Committee had met on campus on May 23, 2007. Several matters were reviewed and discussed. The materials from the meeting have been forwarded to each of members of the Board. Most of the issues that were discussed will be or have already been a part of today's agendas. On behalf of the Trustees, Mr. Folkens expressed deep sympathy to the DiGiorgio family on the loss of their daughter. He went on to explain that due to the recent tragedy, President DiGiorgio would not be attending today's meeting.

The Executive Committee then asked that the Board consider the following resolutions pertaining to the performance of President DiGiorgio as set forth in the bylaws:

  1. Resolution Concerning the Annual Evaluation of President DiGiorgio
  2. Resolution Concerning the Contract of President DiGiorgio

After a strong recommendation by the Executive Committee, both resolutions passed unanimously by voice vote.

Finally, the Executive Committee reported having had an executive session for discussion of legal, personnel, and contractual matters. No action was taken in the executive session.


Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

The committee convened via conference call at 9 am. All members were present as they welcomed Dr. Cheryl Fortner-Wood as the new faculty representative to the Board. As an action item, the emeriti resolution passed giving emeriti status to the following: Carol S. Anfin, C. Angela Letourneau, David E. Letourneau, Susan B. Ludvigson, Bruce A. Thompson, and Robert J. Walden.

The committee then received a report on tenure and promotion for 2006-07 for the twelve faculty members receiving tenure and sixteen receiving promotion.

Vice President Tom Moore's report contained the following updates: the Graduate Dean search is set to begin in the fall, work continues on the Core Commitments, and preliminary planning has begun for the upcoming SACS self study due in 2010 and site visit in 2011.

The report on the Academic Units included: an update on the inaugural Winthrop/ETV poll; an award by the SIFE students for "outstanding project in financial literacy" for their project, Troup Deployment Preparation Guide; an update on the Sunset Park Science and Technology magnet school partnership with Winthrop; a plan for the future of library services; an update on the firstCreate Carolina @ Winthrop festival; and an update on plans for this year's Common Book, The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.

The entire Academic Affairs committee expressed its thanks to Dr. Tim Daugherty for his exceptional service to the faculty and to the Board of Trustees as he ends his elected service to the Board.


Report of the Finance Committee

The committee convened via conference call at 9 am. All members were present. They received a briefing from the external auditor on the plans for the audit. It is scheduled to begin in August with a full report expected in October.

The committee received an update on the allocation status report. All divisions are operating in the black and expect to remain that way.

On behalf of the committee, Chair Larry Durham brought forth a resolution to give the Executive Committee authorization to adopt an operating budget and set tuition once the South Carolina budget is final. The resolution passed unanimously.


Report of the University Relations Committee

The committee convened via conference call at 9 am. All members were present. Mr. Tom Hickman reported a good showing both on and off the field by the student athletes. GPAs remain among the highest in the Big South Conference and the success of the teams on the playing field continues to dominate the league.

Dr. Ardaiolo reported on the student life awards given at the recent ceremony. The awards are designed to celebrate the exceptional service by students, faculty, and staff as they work and volunteer their time on campus and in the community.

Dr. Holten reported over 1,000 students have registered for summer orientation. The new student recruitment software--Recruitment Plus--has been installed and is working well. Alumni weekend was a success and plans are already underway for next year's event.


Report of the Nominating Committee

Chair of the Nominating Committee, Ms Glenda Owens reported on the slate of officers for the 2007-08 term. Karl Folkens was nominated for a third term as Chair, Kathy Bigham was nominated for a second term as Vice Chair, and Donna Tinsley was also nominated for a second term as Secretary of the Board. No other nominations from the floor were made. Lee Cox moved to accept the slate of officers as proposed, David Vipperman seconded. Lee Cox conducted the election as the current officers are standing for re-election. There were no additional nominations from the floor. Given the loss of two long term appointed members (Secretary of Education designee, Dr. Sanita Savage and Governor's appointee, Mr. Larry Durham) the trustees agreed it was important to have stability in the leadership positions. The vote was unanimously passed by voice vote.


Report from Faculty Representative

Dr. Tim Daugherty thanked the Board both as a group and individually for his experiences with them over the last two years as faculty representative to the Board. He especially wanted to thank them for their willingness to consider the faculty perspective in all matters. He assured the Board this willingness was not taken for granted by the faculty because many faculty members know from first-hand experience that Boards in many other universities are not open to faculty input.


Report from the Student Representative

Mr. Dustin Evatt thanked the Board for its invitation to him to attend the Executive Session for the purpose of the presidential evaluation.

He continued his report with an overview of Council of Student Leaders plans for summer orientation and welcome week events. A review and possible revision of the Dedication of Excellence is planned for the next academic year.

He concluded by reporting on the excitement felt by students as they await the opening of the new West Center for Health and Fitness.


Report from the President



Old Business

There was no old business.


New Business

There was no new business.



David Vipperman moved, seconded by Lee Cox, that the Board adjourn. The motion was passed unanimously by voice vote and the Board adjourned at 1:44 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Kimberly Faust, Secretary to the Board for 2007-08.