Statement Regarding the Future of the Winthrop Golf Course

August 04, 2023

The following statement regarding the future of the Winthrop Golf Course was released to media outlets on Aug. 4 from Athletic Director Chuck Rey:

As the community prepares to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the U.S. Disc Golf Championship Oct. 5-8, 2023, the 9-hole Winthrop Golf Course will temporarily take on a different purpose consistent with the university’s goal to expand upon new athletic opportunities at the Rock Hill campus.  The expectation is that some of the golf course holes will be used as part of the redesigned USDG championship course and/or will be used to support tournament activities.  

Winthrop is excited that the 2023 United States Disc Golf Championship and Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship will once again bring thousands of disc golf lovers to the area to introduce them to the university, which raises Winthrop’s visibility and brings in tourism dollars—a win win for Winthrop and the City of Rock Hill.

As the championship approaches, Winthrop and disc golf leader Innova will continue their longtime partnership and temporarily close the existing golf course Sept. 1 (similar to last year’s timeline but with more lead time built in) to begin the process of preparing for the highly acclaimed tournament. Innova’s personnel will design yet another world-class course at the Winthrop Athletics, Recreation and Research Area and help to maintain the course through the tournament. Later this fall Winthrop and Innova will evaluate the partnership and additionally explore the needs of the College Disc Golf National Championship to be held in April 2024.

The university is carefully weighing the future of golf and disc golf at the popular park-like setting one mile from the main campus as interest in both sports has evolved in recent years. Among the ideas currently being considered are continuing the golf course in its current state, exploring the potential for a mixed use golf and disc golf course, and evaluating the feasibility of converting the golf course into an expansion of the disc golf offerings at the Winthrop Athletics, Recreation and Research Area. 

Consideration of these options does not discount the history and legacy of the golf course and all the individuals associated with Winthrop who have fond memories of the course through the years. 

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